We Make Big Parts In Less Time

Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions gives your business a big advantage over castings, forgings and other traditional manufacturing processes with the fast delivery of new and replacement parts and tooling.

With the largest 3D metal printing capacity in North America, we can expedite production for large industrial parts for your application and industry.

Cut Lead Time from Months to Weeks

Commercial Considerations

  • Reduce Turn-Around Time

    Reduce prototype and part lead times from months to weeks, especially compared to castings/forgings

  • Reduce Material Waste

    Use less material compared to subtractive processes

  • Expand Design Freedom

    Reduce weight and mix multiple materials

  • Reduce Inventory Costs

    Print on demand and eliminate supply chain bottlenecks

  • Part Consolidation

    Drive down the number of parts to assemble

  • Produce Functional Prototypes

    Quickly test actual use in real environments

  • Reduce Manufacturing Operations

    Fewer operations, fewer handoffs

Physical Considerations

We can 3D print a variety of industrial metals including combinations of materials

Open new possibilities: Large format metal additive parts are measured in feet or meters, not mere inches

Tackle part geometries and features that are challenging or not possible for traditional casting or machining

Not your Typical Robotic Programming

CAD to Path Planning

With large format wire-based metal additive manufacturing, the part is manipulated while depositing. Advanced software is critical to address complex path planning and coordinated motion between the robot and the positioner.

Accelerate Your Projects

Reduce Time to Market

Eliminate tooling bottlenecks. Shorten delivery times on long lead products. Compress prototype design and test cycles.

Your Complete Finished Part Provider

Save time, reduce direct and indirect costs and operate with greater efficiency compared to traditional manufacturing operations.

Metal additive solutions have been limited to smaller-sized parts using metal powders. While fast, customers have had to compromise on size, material waste and porosity limitations. Wire-based metal additive technology eliminates those trade-offs and delivers advantages over traditional manufacturing processes.

How We Deliver

The Best Additive Solution for Your Application

Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions is uniquely positioned in this space to bring the right experience and technologies to bear for your project, based on your material and application requirements. Using GMAW arc welding or laser hot-wire processes, we can tap into a deep well of welding deposit, equipment and automation knowledge to meet your needs. Every step is customized to deliver the material and design for your specific application. Every conversation is a collaboration between our team and yours. Every outcome is designed to meet your operational needs.



Print / Process



Connecting Our Experts With Your Experts
  • Part Design
  • Materials
  • Functional Requirements
  • Additive Manufacturing Process

Designing with additive in mind, we look for ways to reduce weight, increase strength, combine materials for best advantage, merge additive and subtractive processes and add functional features not possible using traditional manufacturing methods. Our goal is to reduce part costs, improve lead times and enhance part performance.


Preparation and Customer Review
  • Price
  • Schedule
  • Deliverables

This is our opportunity to confirm for your team and ours what will be delivered, including a final check on part design, build strategy, testing, prototyping and final processing.

Print / Process

Turn-Key Part Fabrication
  • Prototype
  • Near-net Shape
  • Heat Treating and Other Processing
  • Machining
  • Part Finishing

Parts are printed, monitored for bead height and positional stacking, inspected and moved to post processing as requested. Functional prototypes may require less processing, while low volume parts or field failure repair tasks may require finish machining.


Receive Your Part in a Fraction of the Time
  • Final Inspection
  • Testing Available
  • Post-Project Evaluation

Parts are drop-shipped to your destination from start to finish in a few days or weeks compared to several weeks or months for many traditional machining or casting operations.

Accelerate Your Projects With
Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions



Low-Carbon (Mild) and High Strength Low-Alloy

Stainless Steel

Austenitic, martensitic and precipitation hardened alloys


Nickel-Iron for low coefficient thermal expansion applications

Nickel Alloys

A variety of nickel alloys for extreme temperature and corrosion environments

Lincoln Electric


Manufacturers specializing in parts made by these materials could benefit greatly from our additive service – which creates large-form metal part prototypes and replacements parts for you even faster.

This quick turnaround on prototypes and replacement parts will give you a competitive advantage over those using traditional manufacturing methods.

Interested in having a part made with these materials?
Click on the Request for Quote button to let us know how this unique service can help improve your processes.

Where we excel

Industries We Serve

Energy, Power Gen, Oil & Gas

General Industrial

Aerospace & Defense


Heavy Equipment

Tool & Die


Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about 3D-metal printing, answered.

Frequently Asked Questions



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Audio Interview with Lincoln Electric's Mark Douglass

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